‘Sólya’ pie
with herbs and garlic

(gluten, onions)

550 Ft
with ham

(gluten, onions)

950 Ft
with fresh goat cheese

(gluten, onions, lactose)

950 Ft
Roasted bream with french fries and cucumber

(onions, sweetener, fish)

1190 Ft
Spicy chicken wings with onion rings and steak potatoes

(glucose, gluten, presence of peanuts, nuts, mustard, soy, celery)

1290 Ft
Fried ‘debreceni’ sandwich

(gluten, mustard, presence of soy, onions)

990 Ft
American hot-dog

(gluten, presence of soy, onions)

850 Ft
‘Sólya’ fries

(gluten, lactose, onions)

650 Ft
French fries with ketchup

(gluten, sweetener, onions)

450 Ft